June      1979  

Jufan Industries Inc., was established in Tainan City.
 Oct        1985 Moved the facility to Young-Kung District, Tainan City.
 Aug        1988 Expanded the organization to be "Jufan Industry Co., Ltd."
 June      1994 Certified by the government body, Industry Technology Research Institute (ITRI), to be a qualified vender of Taiwan MCS (Mechanical Component Standard) Alliance.
 Nov       1995   Successfully developed the special "square and hexagon dust seals" with ITRI for non-rotating cylinders.
 June      1996 Built the new and larger factory (Jufan No.2 factory) in Young-Kung District, Tainan City.
 July       1996 Jointed the research project of "Key Components and Systems of Small Planes" which is founded by Ministry of Economics and conducted by National Science Research Institute to develop the hydraulic landing gear systems.
 July       1997   Jointed the development project of "Telescope Applications in Military Equipment" with National Science Research Institute.
 Feb        1998 Jointed the research project of "Proportional hydraulic valves" with ITRI.
 May       1998   Started to be certified by TUV Institute in yearly base for ISO 9000 quality systems.
 March    1999 Jointed the development project of "Steward Platform for Flight Simulator" with the Aero Research Center.
 2001 Continued to enhance the quality systems to comply to ISO 9001:2000 doctrine.
 Oct        2004   Built the Jufan No.3 factory (machining facility) in Young-Kung District, Tainan City.
 Dec        2004   Gained the grants for "Clean Profile Cylinder" R&D project from the SBIR Foundation founded by Ministry of Economics.
 March    2005   Built a new factory (with 46000 square meters) in Wuxi, China near Shanghai.
 2009 Applied to SBIR Foundation for developing "Non-contacting Vacuum Pads" research project.
 2011 Finished the development of "Non-contacting Vacuum Pads" project.
 2011 Bought a land in Young-Kang Industrial Zone for expanding a new factory.
 Aug       2012   The groundbreaking ceremony of the new factory in Young-Kang Industrial Zone.